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Our bonfire night was a great success at the rec we had over 2,000 people attend.  

The community spirit was just amazing everyone was having fun and really enjoying the night.  We never expected so many people to turn up, everyone was so patient when queuing for refreshments and so polite.  

If anyone was disappointed when we sold out of glow sticks and hotdogs BLAME Peter  I told him to double up, he just never expected so many to turn up.  So he sends his apologies and will know better next time! That’s if there is a next time.

The fire work display which was funded by Communities First was fantastic, the display was done by Dragon Fire and what a wonderful job they done!

The children enjoyed the face painting which was free, so thanks Jane, she gave up her free time to bring a smile on the children’s faces.

Let’s hope now the council will see sense and see how much this recreation field is needed.  We would rather see over 2,000 people enjoying themselves, than 270 houses ruining them.

The Ely Garden Villagers would like to thank the Ely community for attending our fire work display.  We can say over 2,000 people attended and there was no evidence of  any ant- social behaviour, well done to you all.

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